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On elephantjournal:

Balance is Not Static, and Other Things I Learned from Tree Pose

Chaga: Why This Fungus is So Good For Us & 3 Delicious Ways to Reap Its Benefits

Fight Brain Drain in Just 3 Minutes

Rumi, Dharma & Passion

On Huffington Post:

And Then There Was the Dress: How I Accidentally Became a Bride

Start a Meditation Practice for the New Year and Make It Stick

On MindBodyGreen:

The Neutral Mind: What It Is And How To Cultivate It

How Chocolate Cake Got My Eating Habits Back on Track

On Rebelle Society:

The Secret to Happiness in Your 30s

August: Summer’s Swan Song

Thoughts on Autumn: Am I Addicted to Change?

On Spirit Voyage

6 Travel Yoga Tips -Just Because You Go on Vacation Doesn’t Mean Your Practice Has To

Conquering Sleep Naturally with Yoga and Meditation

On The Yoga Blog:

Why Every Yoga Teacher Needs to Take Class

Guest blog posts:

Gauntlet Falls: Cultivating a Love of Details, at I.Am.Maine

The Scrutiny of a Fantasy: The Rebuttal, small town living at I.Am.Maine

Caprese Grilled Cheese, Lake-side, at from midnight oil


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