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I am no longer contributing to this blog. You can find my current writing in the following places:

The Passion Project, where I write about passionate people and the work they do.

Going Wherever It Leads, where I write about the hiking life and outdoor adventures., my author page, where I update my latest published articles here.


This blog was created as a place to share my life experiences connected to my yoga practice. I don’t claim to know all the answers, but rather want to share my observations, revelations, struggles, little joys, and blessings as I travel down the yogic path. I hope to share my discoveries in the moment, as I’m exploring them, rather than from an expert’s point of view.

052I am a yoga teacher, but firstly, a yoga student. I am certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This is the yoga I’m most drawn to, but I also enjoy other forms of yoga. I believe in the power of positive thinking and visualization, a philosophy that informs my life daily.

Nature is a great teacher and continual spring of inspiration and rejuvenation, so sharing my findings and adventures in the natural world is part of my story as well.

I don’t pretend to lead a completely yogic lifestyle, because I do not, but I am moving towards one. Some days the movement is faster than others. It is definitely a lifelong journey. I’m not a pure vegetarian, but I do like to eat like one on most days of the week. Balancing life with a big-time bacon-loving meat-eater is a challenge at times, so sharing our compromises in the kitchen and a few good recipes is part of the plan for this space.

Welcome and enjoy!

I would also love to hear your thoughts on yoga, health, and what inspires your life.

Sat Nam,

Catie Joyce


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I read about tree Pose and was reminded and will do it Immediately. I now follow your blog.

  2. Would you be so kind as to share the chants and their meaning.
    Thank you

  3. We partnered at the White Tantric in millis last year and I just found your info card in my wallet!
    Hope you are well and I still think you were an awesome partner.
    Sat nam

  4. Thanks for following me Catie! I look forward to reading and following you too!

  5. Just found you as a WordPress blogger myself ( and enjoyed reading about your journey with a meat eating individual. I have been all over the place with food (macrobiotic to meat eating to moderate) so it resonates. And I particularly (especially now) love yoga.

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  7. Hi! I was reading one of your posts and I saw you mentioned about a knee injury and pre-op stuff… May I ask what happened? I recently fell madly in love with Ashtanga yoga but was recovering from a broken shoulder with 3 consequent dislocations… And then during my practice my shoulder dislocated again (the worst it ever has). It’s knocked my confidence and I’m feeling so lost and deflated and wondering if I’ll ever get back to Ashtanga again. I guess my hope in posting this is that you say “You’ll recover, heal and be back to yoga in no time!” But I know the reality may be very different. Whatever your thoughts are I’d be grateful to hear them. Hope you’re well. Light and blessings. Xo

    • Hello Collette, yes, I tore my ACL downhill skiing and had surgery to repair it. I think there are always aspects of yoga you can do no matter what condition your body is in (breathing, meditation), but my practice certainly did change while I was healing and even now is not the same, but what my body craved seemed to make me the happiest, and that was really gentle Hathaway yoga. A lot of the ashtanga poses (I think, although I haven’t done a lot) can be slowed down and modified. It’s amazing how deep you can go into the simplest of poses. Hope that helps and you can embrace your “new” body, which I know can be challenging. Namaste

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